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Customers are the foundation of your business

A great customer experience helps to build ongoing relationships, yet many support organizations don’t have the tools to provide personal and productive engagements.

"Only one in five companies deliver good or great customer experiences"
​- Forrester Research

In conjunction with CX Day on October 5, Forrester released a new report and data-filled infographic highlighting the value and bottom-line results of CX.

Forrester data shows that most organizations have a long way to go when it comes to CX because, while 84% of companies aspire to be CX leaders, only one in five deliver good or great CX. That shouldn’t dissuade executives, though, because according to Forrester’s new research, the results of an effective CX plan can have a direct impact on the business. The research and data also show that:

  • CX innovators lead CX laggards in growth by 5.1 times.
  • Customers are willing to pay 4.5 time more for an excellent customer experience versus a poor customer experience.
  • The operating margin for companies with engaged employees is 4.1 times larger than the margin for companies with non-engaged employees

Customers define the terms of engagement

They expect businesses to be available when and where its convenient for them.

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