What We Do

We provide you with the solutions you need to spend less time maintaining your operations, so you can have more time spent growing your business.

Whether you're inundated with support tickets, lead management, salesperson tracking, invoicing or project management, we can help. Through the process of automation, many of your daily, monotonous tasks that keep you from growing your business, or focusing on what you do best, can be transposed into a workflow which would require less of your time, while also providing a better customer experience.

Keep scrolling to find out more about the primary services offered by ZenBros. If you do not find what you need in these simple descriptions, please feel free to email, call, or fill out our request form at the bottom of the page.

Zoho provides an incredibly powerful suite of tools, capable of running your entire business at an extremely low cost. Our specialists are sure to provide you with a solution that will deliver, and provide value to your organization.

Zoho CRM Implementation

By matching our expertise in Customer Engagement with the Best Practices from the Sales and Marketing sectors, we provide your organization with CRM solutions that deliver.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation provides the tools organizations need to get the right messages, to the right people, at the right time. Helping your organization to create meaningful relationships with your audiences, and measure your marketing success with ease.

Data Integration & Migration

Whether you are coming from a different solution, or need to bring your current data in from its raw form, we have the skills necessary to handle this with accuracy and efficiency.

Managed Services & Support

"We're down.." isn't something that anyone in Business leadership likes to hear. We offer a variety of managed support services to get you back up, quickly.

"Be the business your customers want you to be.."

Customers define the terms of engagement. They expect businesses to be available when and where its convenient for them.  Let our team of experts assist you in producing a multi-channel support environment that has been optimized for your organization.

Zendesk Implementation

Whether you're just getting started, or need an overhaul, we can build your Support system to handle the needs of your organization.

Zendesk  Process Optimization

Building out a help desk solutions that fits your business model that also utilizes best practices can be complicated. Our team of optimization experts can assist in building processes that will provide a streamlined experience for your customers and a happy, efficient environment for your agents

Zendesk Training & Support

Stuck trying to implement something specific? Can't figure out a Webhook? Something break? Maybe you just want to step-up your game with reports & analytics? 

We offer a variety of hourly consultation packages to fit your needs.

Zendesk Data Migration

Not all Help Desk solutions are the same. Migrating data between two of them can be extremely tricky. Let us make it easier.

Who We Are

Reynir Guðráðsson
​​Experience Level: Expert
​​​​​Primary Specializations: Support Process, Workflow & Analytics 

​Specializations expanded
  • Brand Management
  • Custom Reports & Analytics
  • Workflow & Process Automation
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    • Generation
    • Analysis
    • Optimization

" Reynir actively manages & maintains a 4-year matured, Enterprise-level Zendesk environment, supporting a customer base in the Hundreds of Thousands.. "

        With more than 15 years of Enterprise-level experience in the Customer Support industry, Reynir possesses knowledge that is rarely available for small to medium sized businesses. 

    Customer Support teams managed by Reynir, both in the United States and Europe, have reaped the benefits of his unique knowledge and well-practiced skills.  Throughout his career, Reynir has actively managed support teams staffed from international origins, supporting an international customer base in the "Hundreds of Thousands".  His unique capabilities of producing optimized support processes, workflows and performance analytics have allowed his teams to maintain  employee retention averages that surpass 5 years, with overall team Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings scoring above 90%.

"Happy support agents produce happy customers."

Davíð Einarsson
​​Experience Level: Expert
​​​​​Primary Specializations: Implementation | Automation

​Specializations expanded
  • Implementation
  • Routing
  • Triggers & Automation
  • Custom view management

    David has been in the field of Customer Relations for greater than 12 years and his experience in Customer Relations includes leading a multilingual team in Shanghai, China for nearly 5 years before returning to management in Europe.

    On several occasions, David has led Help Desk / ticketing tool implementations for small to mid-sized organizations who themselves specialize in highly technical, fast evolving environments.

"I couldn't find a better picture.."  -T.J.

T.J. Bumgardner
​​Experience Level: Expert
​​​​​Primary Specializations: Zoho | Zendesk | Marketing Automation | Operations

​Specializations expanded
  • Zoho Product Implementation
  • Zendesk Solution Implementation
  • Automation
  • Workflow & Pipeline generation

    T.J. has a healthy mix of Sales, Marketing,  Support, & Operations management, as well as Technical implementation of CRM & Ticket / Help Desk solutions, T.J. is capable of understanding the pain-points of your organization from nearly any department.  Specializing in Zoho CRM & other related Zoho solutions, T.J. is your ZenBro for CRM solutions.

...he also really likes Pizza

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